Syllabi, Fall 2014

Here is our first iteration of the syllabi for my courses this semester.  We will alter and adjust them in class as required.  Apologies for the format, there just are no longer enough hours in the day…

Researching the Virtual FINAL SYLLABUS OUTLINE fall 2014


Comp Expression Syllabus Fall 2014 BEST DRAFT copy

About Me

I trained first as a comparatist in Continental Philosophy and the European novel at The Catholic University of America. At the Europäische Universität für Interdisziplinäre Studien, I focused on contemporary philosophy and technology.

My recent work has revolved around the intersection of technology and play, with a particular focus on video games and synthetic worlds. I’m especially interested in the ways that games and simulations make political arguments, and how new technologies are challenging the long-standing place of games and play in Western culture.

My first computer was a CBM PET 2001, a 6502-based machine with 4k and a green phosphor monitor that featured Commodore BASIC, a programmable operating system designed by Bill Gates of the start-up “Micro-Soft Corporation.” The PET stored data on a cassette tape.

Bally Astrocade console (ca. 1983)

Around this same time, my parents gave my brother and me a Bally Professional Arcade. Designed to compete with the Atari VCS, the Bally was amazing. Powered by a Zilog Z80, the 4k console featured a 24-key keypad, like that of a cellphone, built into the unit. With the addition of the Bally BASIC programming cartridge (based on Palo Alto Tiny BASIC), the game console became a fully-functional computer. The difficulty? That cellphone keypad was the only way to type. So to type the letter “A,” you pressed “RED” + “1.” The letter “B” was “BLUE” + “1,” and so forth. It made for a long afternoon.