Planning Suggestions Project 2

Some ideas about how you should proceed, if you’re not yet proceed-ing.

  1. Start with a sketch of the game board and explanation of gameplay;
  2. Simplify that sketch (take as many details out as you can bear! You can put them back later!)
  3. Now describe your gameplay (your “game loop”) drawing exclusively from that sketch;
  4. Simplify and condense your game loop to its most essential elements;
  5. Add the stuff that needs to go before and after the game loop in order to make things work (e.g., “Show game board”, etc.);
  6. Now divvy that outline into phases for building (a to-do list);

In a separate phase, then, do more strategic planning.

  • Decide on immediate, mid-term, and due-date goals;
  • Decide on bonus outcomes and opportunities, etc.;
  • Map things out to a calendar (our Second Project is tentatively due on Sunday, 26 September, by Midnight);
  • Be as explicit here as you can stand to be.

Some miscellaneous suggestions: Problems you may need to solve. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to solve these problems in order — but resist the temptation (wherever possible) to skip around randomly without actually finishing any single task: That approach is a disservice to the work you’re doing, and will (usually) end up putting you in a bad position.

  • Figure out how to get a single gopher instance to appear and disappear — without making all of them do the same;
  • Figure out how to detect if you’ve clicked on a gopher at the right time;
  • Figure out how to assign points for that event;
  • Can you determine which gopher you’ve just clicked on?
  • Figure out how to record an increase in score after successful click;
  • Can you make those points appear in the place where you just clicked? Even as you remove the gopher from the screen?
  • Figure out how to vary the gopher animation;
  • Figure out how to gradually increase difficulty.

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