five successes

During my time at Catholic University of America (as a TA) and Georgetown (as a member of the core faculty), I was lucky to work with some extraordinary students, educators, and administrators. Where I have succeeded, it is invariably thanks to the supportive nature of those environments, and the generosity of colleagues and students.

  1. Grants. Over the past six years, I have been PI (or co-PI) of three modest technology and pedagogy grants totaling $20,000. The largest grant (on technical standards and university curricula worldwide) was via NIST; the other two were through the Provost’s Office at Georgetown.
  2. Consults. At Georgetown, I consulted for three years on the design and implementation of the library’s $50k maker hub and their $8k gaming hub, both of which have proven popular with students and faculty. I also lead the committee charged with reimagining our program’s Media Research and Design Studio (approx. $50k).
  3. Firsts. At Georgetown, my course offerings included the first graduate-level humanities courses to feature programming; game design; development for mobile platforms; data science.
  4. Scholars. Over half of the dozen MA theses and capstone projects I have advised were awarded Honors by the Graduate School. Some of my advisees have gone on to pursue their PhDs at Penn, Clemson, Oxford, Berkeley, Pitt, Duke, MIT, and Michigan.
  5. Diffusion. My Expressive Computation course has introduced nearly 100 graduate students in the humanities to procedural literacy; 98% of these had no prior background in programming, and 95% did not expect to take programming courses in grad school. Of these, at least 9 former students make daily use of code in their careers; of these, I know of four students who have adapted elements of Expressive Computation to new situations: A mobile maker hub for young women, sponsored by the Guatemalan Population Council; a private school in Argentina; a workshop series for employees at startups in DC and San Francisco; and public workshops offered in the Beijing suburbs.