media miscellany

In order to better understand how contemporary media forms work, I spend a fair amount of time tinkering with them. My engagement does not aspire to mastery, but merely competence.

Below, some examples.


Above, left to right: Feegletscher, Switzerland; Swiss cloches; Profs. Badiou and Schirmacher in Saas-Fee; a massive Civil War reƫnactment in Maryland (one seldom sees so many mounted calvary).

graphic design

Above, top row, posters advertising a course and a guest speaker. Second row, posters advertising a course and a student exhibit.

digital illustration

Above, animals from an abecedarium I created for my brother’s children.


Listen to me read an entry from Seneca’s Moral Epistles.


A Handspring Visor running a commercial application I wrote called nCite, one of the first bibliographic programs created for that platform. It was occasionally handy to be able to carry a dissertation’s-worth of up-to-date citations in my pocket. For the most part, though, nCite was a solution in search of a problem.